About us

The company was founded by graduated pharmacist Sasho Spasovski in 2002. In 2004 we started our own production of cosmetics and hygiene products.

Our Story

The story of Danai Farm begins in 2002 as a representative office of Bonesgroup in Macedonia, and today, after two full decades, the company has grown into a relevant factor in the cosmetics industry with its own identity. From the very beginning of creating our own products in 2004, our strategy is aimed at conquering the domestic market and positioning our company with our customers as a synonym for quality and precision.

Mision and Vision

Our philosophy aims to introduce new standards in both the domestic and international market where the main focus of building a brand will be placed on the end consumer, by delivering quality and professionalism. Building a stable relationship with customers realized with mutual trust is one of the main goals that as a company we aim for and believe in.

Our products

The process of making and selecting the products we offer is fully coordinated with the demands of the market and consumers. We currently have and are concentrating on several product categories that we consider to be essential to the market. We constantly follow the latest market trends and consumer demands and try to enrich our range with products that will be synonymous with quality.